The oldest district of Scilla is beyond a shadow of a doubt Chianalea, its name derives from "piano della galea", but is also called Acquagrande or Canalea and extends from the port to the Church of St. Joseph. The old structure of Chianalea over the years has remained intact, and the houses are separated by a street quite close and
almost the entire route is practicable only on foot, stairways and subways divided the houses from one another and allow you to get to sea, where they find spot the fisherman's boats.

Called also "The Little Venice" for its houses laid on the sea, after bad weather and sea storms still retains all its charm, the noise of the waves that break against the houses, and the smell of the sea give us a strong sense of peace and tranquility and accompany along the road that gives harmonious and picturesque views.The main activity is fishing, it is very easy to meet the fishermen who work the nets and we gladly offer to recount incidents and adventures of the past.

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